Spring 2019 FUel Live Event ft Rocket League and Exhibition League of Legends

The spring 2019 FUeL live event hosted at Hoover High was bigger and better than the initial event. Several school districts came to participate in this event as well. We saw about 150 students who attended and participated during this event, according to Fresno Unified Student Engagements that is more than most varsity sports events. During the final, we saw Duncan HS vs Roosevelt in which Duncan came out on top.

We also saw our first taste of League of Legends during this event. A small station within the main tournament was dedicated to a live preview of what League of Legends would be like.

Check out some of the action below:

FUeL Gallery

FUeL Championship 2018

Inaugural FUeL live event featuring Rocket League

The first FUeL live event was hosted at Hoover High School’s event center. The tournament consisted of all the schools that participated in the fall season’s scrimmages.

Twenty-three teams total competed in the tournament. Two teams consisted of students who were from different schools. One of the hybrid teams made it to the Division 2 finals. The Division 2 finals ended up going to triple overtime.

First Place FUeL Trophy

Check out some of the images and videos from FUeL’s first event!

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