Why eSports?

Esports is one of the fastest growing sports in the world today. The difference between playing video games and esports is the difference between a pick up game at the park and competing in a league.

Esports is a competitive platform that promotes the equalization of all students. While traditional sports focus on the physicality of the athlete, it has always been the personal growth of the athlete that has the most value. Esports is no different. Competition builds communication, social, and problem solving skills which are key characteristics for success.

Mission Statement

Fresno Unified Launches Into eSports With Rocket League

Now that Fresno Unified has officially launched into the world of eSports, students can represent their high schools in competitive video gaming. “This is the best thing that has ever happened to me at school,” Superintendent Bob Nelson quoted one student saying. Nelson announced the news at Fresno Unified’s State of Education Luncheon last week. … Continue readingFresno Unified Launches Into eSports With Rocket League

Fresno Unified is engaging with students to develop and strengthen key characteristics associated with success such as education, productivity, and empathy.  FUeL emphasizes an equal playing field for it’s students to engage with one another to help build a stronger community. A strong community means stronger students who demonstrate commitment, fortitude, leadership and responsibility. FUeL celebrates the individuality of it’s competitors by acknowledging that each individual possesses the potential to achieve their goal. Lastly FUeL is about respect of one’s self and respect of others.

What is League of Legends

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena also known as MOBA. It is a competitive game that blends strategy and frenetic pace of a real time strategy game with the style, story and focus on a character of a role playing game.

The basic idea is that two teams of characters called champions, each with a unique ability which adds to the strategy aspect, compete against each other to control the map. To claim victory a team must destroy the enemy defenses until they make their way to the enemy base and destroy all the structures within the enemy base.

What is Rocket League

The FUeL competition game will be Rocket League exclusively initially. Rocket League is a car-meets-soccer-meets-Indy Car game. The game’s playership is growing each year with more than 25 million players worldwide.  Rocket League requires mental fortitude as the games are played in best out of 3 sets. It also requires quick reactions, but most importantly it requires team work and communication.  Rocket League is the perfect blend of traditional sports with the flair, excitement and uniqueness that video games bring. This formula allows for all audiences unfamiliar with the game to engage in the level of excitement that it’s competitors express.

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Goal 2 is extremely excited for the opportunity to engage students in this innovative and exciting eSports competition league. For more information on this exciting new engagement opportunity, contact Jahmaal Sawyer at 457-3526 or Joe Di Filippo at 457-3866.