• Regular Season Schedule
    • February 23,2022 to April 20,2022
    • Tournament Saturday May 7,2022 at Hoover gym
  • Matches are scheduled to play on Wednesdays
    • Rescheduled matches will need to be scheduled during the same week
  • Match times are from 3:30PM to 5:00PM
  • Teams will play each other online from their own sites

Game Setup

  • All matches will be generated by Battlefy. Please check our Battlefy page for match informationo
  • Teams will be composed of 3 players each in 3v3 play
  • Matches are best 2 out of 3
  • Resultswill be scored as followedoHighest score per match wins a seto
  • First to 2 wins, wins the match

Epic Names

  • Epicnames may include upper-case letters, lower-case letters, numbers 0-9, underscores, or single spaces between words only.
  • Epic names and Team names may not contain vulgarities or obscenities
  • All Team and Epicnames must be approved by head coaches in advance of use in play•Players with inappropriate names will need to be changed

Rescheduling of Weekly Matches

  • The rescheduling of weekly matches is allowed. In-so-far-as a rescheduled match takes place during the originally scheduled week. It is the responsibility of the teamwho could not compete on the originally scheduled date, to reschedule a mutually agreeable new date. If a new date within the originally scheduled week cannot be agreed uponby each coach, the team who could not compete on the originally scheduled date will suffer the loss, the other team will get the forfeit.

Game Play Rules

  • Custom lobby will be created/hosted by coach/referee and will need to be a spectator in the match
    • Game settings
    • Default arena: DFH StadiumoTeam size 3v3
    • Bot difficulty: nobotsoMutators: OVERTIME: +5 MAX, First Score
    • Match time: 5 minutes
    • Joinable by: name/password
    • Platform: PC
    • Server: US-West
  • Controllers
    • All standard controllers, including mouse and keyboard are legal
    • Macro functions (e.g. turbo buttons) are not permittedo
    • Note: wireless controllers are not permitted in national championships
  • Hosting and team colors
    • Tournament administrators will specify which team is blue and which team is orange
  • Substitutions
    • A substitution is defined as changing the player line-up after a match has started
    • Substitutions may only occur in between games in a match, and teams are limited to two substitutions per match
  • Reporting Scores
    • Scoring will be tracked through Battlefy–Lobbies are not created through battlefy but by customgame
    • Winning Team Captain will need to submit scores in Battlefy
  • Mercy Ruling
    • If the current score reaches 7-0in the current match a hard stop on the match will be implemented by the coach/referee
    • The losing team can decide if they would like to play thenext match or forfeit all together
    • Coaches willneed to communicate amongst each other in the case of mercy rule
  • Technical issues
    • Due to the nature and scale of online competition, except as otherwise determined by tournament administrators in their sole discretion, matches will not be restarted or made null due to bugs, intentional disconnections, server crashes, or unintentional disconnections. Except as otherwise determined by tournament administrators in their sole discretion, any technical issues or bug encounters must be played through. If team calls for a rematch due to a technical issueor bug encounter,such team must save the replay andsubmit it to the tournament administrators for review
  • Team rosters
    • Captains
      • Each team must declare one member ofits roster to be the “Team Captain” who represents the team for all official decisions and serves as the main point of contact for the team
    • Rosters
      • Teams may only use players who are on their roster for a match. Rosters must contain a minimum of three players and up to one designated reserve player who may be used as an alternate. Rosters may also include a manager who does not play in tournament matches. An individual may not simultaneously bepart of more than one roster at a time
  • Match obligations
    • Punctuality
      • All teams must have three players in the online match lobby and in the designatedchatroom by the match start time. Teams that do not have three players ready to play after ten minutes of the match start time will be subject to forfeit unless the match has been rescheduled. See above reschedule rules

Stoppage of Play

  • A player intentionally disconnects without notifying a coach or pausing, a coach is not required to enforce a stoppage.
  • Directed Pause. Coaches may order the pause of a match or executea pause command on any player station at the sole discretion of the coaches, at any time.
  • Player Pause. Players may only pause a match immediately following any of the events described below but must signal a head coach prior to pausing and identify the reason. Acceptable reasons include:
    • An Unintentional Disconnection
    • A hardware or software malfunction (e.g. monitor power or peripheral disability or game glitch) Player illness, injury, or disability is not an acceptable reason for a player pause. In such a situation, the team must alert the coaches, who may in his/her sole discretion, grant a pause in order to evaluate the identified player to determine whether player is ready, willing, and able to continue playing within a reasonable period of time, asdetermined by the coaches, but not to exceed a few minutes.
  • Resuming the Game. Players are not permitted to resume the game after a pause. After clearance from the coaches is issued and all players are notified and ready at their stations, which will be contingent on each team captain confirming through in-game chat that both teams are ready to resume play.
  • Unauthorized Pause. If a player pauses or unpauses a game without permission from the coaches, it will be considered unfair play and penalties will beapplied at the discretion of league officials.
  • In the event of a power outage if the match is unable to be rejoined in itscurrent state, the match will be restarted

Players Conduct

Teams are expected to play at their best at all times within any Rocket League Match and to avoid any behavior inconsistent with the principles of good sportsmanship, honesty, or fair play. The following actions will be considered unfair play and will be subject to penalties at the discretion of the coaches:

  • Collusion, which is defined as cooperation or conspiracy to cheat or deceive others. The cooperation or conspiracy can occur among Players, Teams, and/or Organizations, and can be done to the sole benefit of the parties involved in the cooperation or conspiracy. The list of conspirators is not exhaustive. Collusion includes, but is not limited to, acts such as: Soft play, which is defined as any agreement among Players to not play at a reasonable standard of competition in a Game. Pre-arranging to split prize money and/or any other form of compensation Sending or receiving signals, electronic or otherwise, from outside sources to/from a Player. Deliberately losing a Game for compensation, or for any other reason, or attempting to induce another Player to do so.
  • Hacking, which is defined as any modification of the Epic game client.
  • Exploiting, which is defined as intentionally using any in-game bug to an advantage
  • Ringing. Playing under another player’s account or soliciting, inducing, encouraging,or directing someone else to play under another player’s account.
  • Cheating Methods. The use of any kind of cheating device and/or cheat program, or any similar cheating method such as signaling devices, hand signals, etc.
  • Intentional Disconnection. An intentional disconnection without a proper and explicitly stated reason.

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