Rocket League Rules and Regulations

The following represents the rules and regulations that will govern all Fresno Unified esports League (FUeL) scrimmages and tournaments. All rules are subject to change by the FUeL organization committee.

1 Game Play Rules

1.1 Game Settings

• Default Arena: DFH Stadium
• Team Size: 3v3
• Bot Difficulty: No Bots
• Mutators: None
• Match Time: 5 Minutes
• Joinable By: Name/Password
• Platform: Steam
• Server: US-West/US-East

1.2 Controllers

Fresno Unified School District will provide wired controllers (Thrustmaster GP XID Pro) for use during scrimmage and tournament play. Additionally, participants may use their own controllers if they are on the approved list below. Macro functions (e.g. turbo buttons) are not permitted. Wireless controllers are not permitted in the FUeL Tournament. All controllers are subject to inspection and approval by FUeL Tournament organizers.

• EasySMX Wired Gaming Controller
• Microsoft Xbox One Controller
• Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
• DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4

1.3 Arenas

The default arena for all scrimmages is the DFH Stadium, and tournament organizers will determine the arena of play for that event from the list of approved arenas below. During scrimmages, coaches may choose to play on one of the approved arenas if both team coaches agree to the stadium choice. If an agreement cannot be reached, then the default arena will be used for the match.

• Aquadome
• Champions Field
• Champions Field (Day)
• DFH Stadium (Day)
• DFH Stadium (Stormy)
• Mannfield
• Mannfield (Night)
• Mannfield (Snowy)
• Mannfield (Stormy)
• Neo Tokyo
• Salty Shores
• Starbase ARC
• Urban Central
• Urban Central (Dawn)
• Urban Central (Night)
• Utopia Coliseum
• Utopia Coliseum (Dusk)
• Utopia Coliseum (Snowy)
• Wasteland
• Wasteland (Night)

2 Match Procedures

2.1 Hosting and Team Colors

During scrimmages, the team designated as home will be orange while the visiting team will be blue. The home team will be responsible for hosting the scrimmage matches each week. During the FUeL Tournament, the team seeded higher in a match will be considered the home team and will wear orange.

2.2 Servers

The default server for scrimmages and the tournament will be US-West. If server issues arise during a match, the game currently being played will be completed before a change in the server to US-East is made.

2.3 Reporting Scores

Following match completion, both teams will submit scores for all games played to FUeL organizers. Taking a screenshot of the results screen or replay of the match is strongly recommended in case of disputed results.

2.4 Tiebreakers

If two or more teams within FUeL regular season (Scrimmages) achieve the same number of match wins, ties will be resolved by applying the following tiebreaking mechanisms, in order of application.

1. Game Differential defined as total number of games won by a team minus the total number of games lost by such team.
2. Team with the highest number of points scored throughout the season
3. Game Differential in games between tied teams
4. Team with the lowest number of points scored against throughout the season
5. Random draw

2.5 Disconnects

If a disconnect occurs, the shorthanded team will continue to play out the single game within the match series. The disconnected player may rejoin during the game that the disconnect occurred in or in between games of a match series but may not join in the middle of subsequent games in the series. After a disconnect, if the player cannot rejoin during the same game, the player will have three (3) minutes to rejoin before the next game of the match series begins. If the disconnected player is unable to join the game prior to the next game in the series, the players team may substitute another player from their roster if this is the first disconnect for the team during the series.

2.6 Restarts

The league organizers may order a game or match restart due to exceptional circumstances, such as if a bug significantly affects a player’s ability to play, a major technical/system issue, or by a Force Majeure or other event.

2.7 Mercy Rule

If a team scores seven (7) unanswered points resulting in a 7-0 game, the mercy rule would come into effect causing the game to immediately end, and a game point awarded to the scoring team.