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Fresno Unified Rules and Regulations

Rules to Participate in FUSD Esports

To participate in Fresno Unified Esports, students need to adhere to the following:

  • Maintain healthy eating and sleeping habits and exercise on a weekly basis. Stay hydrated.
  • Attend practices regularly and on time. Exceptions include; doctor appointments, illness, or funeral. The coach must be notified prior to the absence. 
  • Positive classroom and lunchroom behavior.
  • Have a positive attitude toward and respect teachers, administrators, coaches, judges, opponents, and teammates, and exhibit self-control at all times.
  • Adhere to the “Code of Conduct”.
  • Adhere to all “Internet Use Policy” guidelines.
  • Always exhibit positive sportsmanship. Teams will win with dignity, lose with grace, and be supportive and encouraging to fellow competitors…..TRASH TALK AND/OR CURSING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED DURING PRACTICE, MATCHES, OR DURING SCHOOL, AND WILL RESULT IN THE PLAYER BEING UNABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE MATCH THAT WEEK!  BULLYING will NEVER be tolerated. A player will be removed from the match for antagonizing a team member, opponent, judge, or spectator.

Tips for Becoming a Better Player

The following tips are good to remember when tournaments and matches are at their most intense. Esports can create joy, frustration, anger, and happiness. What is important is how we deal with these feelings and that we make an effort to contribute to a more welcoming environment. In addition to making esports a better place, your own performance will benefit from a positive mindset – put simply, you will win more if you are a constructive player! If you currently are or are aiming to become a professional player, it is also easier to get sponsorship if companies feel that you are well-behaved, responsible, well-spoken, and mature.

Online is the Same as Offline

Remember that it is each player’s responsibility to behave in a way that creates a good environment in chat rooms and in the game. Treat teammates, opponents, and admins in the same manner both online and offline, based on how you would behave if you met them in an everyday situation, even when playing/talking/chatting online.

Accept When Others Feel Offended

Accept that people can feel offended about things that you yourself would not react to. People have different backgrounds and experiences, and this makes us perceive language in different ways. Even if you are accustomed to a way of joking or talking during contests, it is not certain that everyone involved in the game will experience it the same way. Keep in mind that even those who cannot directly communicate with you (other players and the audience) are affected.

Encourage Instead of Mock

Remember – we are all human, and we all make mistakes. We are all new to a game at some point. To be constructive and give helpful hints instead of showing frustration helps new players, and contributes to creating a positive environment, as well as increasing the chances of victory. Show empathy. If you are angry, try to control it before directing your anger at another player. There are no rights and wrongs when it comes to feelings, and you will experience both anger and joy when playing. However, there are rights and wrongs when it comes to how emotions such as anger are expressed – think about how it feels when another player takes their anger out on you. One rule to remember is to treat people the same way online as you would offline. You win more matches with positive words. When you play in a team, try to be positive and lift your teammates with constructive dialogue and encouragement. It’s much easier to win if the dialogue in the team is open and tolerant – statistics show that players with constructive attitudes during difficult moments in the matches win 10% more than the average! Be a good winner. It’s a great feeling to win a game or a contest, and you should enjoy that feeling! But at the same time, don’t rub your opponent’s nose in it. Think about the frustration you feel when nothing works and a game ends in defeat – in that situation, taunting can be tough to take.

Influence Others

Spectators and players that see you behave well toward other players, organizers, and admins will be inspired to do the same. Even outside the game, such as on social media, the way you conduct yourself makes an impression, good and bad. Your behavior makes a difference – so choose to be a good role model.

Analyze Instead of Complaining

If you are angry at a loss, do not take it out on your teammates or find ways to pass the blame – try instead to look at the statistics or the replay and consider how you could have played differently. You’ll often find that the skill of your opponents was probably a much bigger factor in the defeat than the performance of you and your fellow players. Also, find ways to analyze your own game with an open mind and consider that there are ways in which you personally can improve on the mistakes you made. Respect referees and organizers. If you participate in a tournament, treat the referees and organizers in a respectful manner. You are of course entitled to criticize what you see as a miscarriage of justice, but flaming or acting aggressively toward referees or organizers during a tournament does not benefit anyone – the verdict will not change and you will lose focus on your performance.

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