Setting up a private match for games in Rocket League.

Step 1: Using the navigation tabs where you found the store, navigate to the library view.

Step 2: Launch Rocket League.

Step 2.1 If Rocket League does not show up in the library, use the drop down next to the search bar and select games. Rocket League may not be installed.






Step 3: Create a party of all the players who will be competing in the game by locating the create party button down at the bottom of the screen.








Step 4: Click the invite button on all the players participating in the game, then click return to game.









Step 5: Click the play button.




Step 6: Then click on the private match.

Step 7: Then create a private match.






Step 8: Set the following settings for the private match then create match.













Step 9: Click create match.