League of Legends Rules

Series Length

  • Each School plays once a week
  • Scrimmage Times are from 4:00pm ā€“ 5:15pm
  • Each Schoolā€™s defined Team 1 and Team 2 will play each other (ex. Hoover Team 1 vs Roosevelt Team 1)
  • Schools will play each other online

Game Lobby

  • Home Team will create a lobby with the following format
    • FUeL-SchoolName – #
    • ex. FUeL-Bullard-1
  • Away team will pick which side to take
  • Recommended Draft Mode ā€“ Blind Pick
    • Coaches can elect a different draft mode upon agreement
  • Game will begin once everyone joins the lobby

Game Results

  • Win/Lose will ONLY be recorded for the first game
  • If time persist, additional games can be played but will not be recorded
  • Home Team coach will send statistics of the game to FUeL@fresnounified.org by the end of the scheduled week